Unipoint Wiper




o With Stainless Steel Vertebra

o Aerodynamic design provides better wiping at high speed

o Reinforced structure of frame gives longer performance life

o Rubber with Graphite coated

Superior Quality

Unipoint’s high quality wiper blade line is extensive and supported by a totally integrated manufacturing process. We select only the best rubber materials to form our finished products. Every manufacturing process is performed in Unipoint’s factories and includes complete capability in metal stamping, plastic injection molding, electrical coating, powder painting and final product testing.


All manufacturing for wiper blades follows proven Japanese technologies and meet all SAE standard requirements.

Total Solution

Unipoint is committed to supplying total solutions to their customers needs with a full range of wiper blades, including those for passenger cars, trucks & buses. In addition, a wide range of adapters are incorporated into our line to fit most applications. Unipoint blades provide trouble free installation and long service life. Unipoint produced over 5.5 million blades and assemblies a month and has the capacity to work with customers of any size.