Bonum Timing Kit Set

BONUM CRR’s main component is Chloroprene Rubber (CRR) which has superior properties compared to natural rubber used in low quality timing belt. The main properties of CRR are :

o Heat & Cold Resistance (Temperature range -40°C -> 121°C)

o Moderate Resistance to Petroleum Oil

o Good Resistance to Ozone, UV and Oxygen

o Good Mechanical Strength and Abrasion Resistance

o Low Flammability

BONUM CRR is produced under O.E. specification but priced economically thanks to the achievable cost of Chloroprene Rubber. It is suitable for city cars with moderate usage of engine.

Replacing BONUM CRR along with high quality oil seals and tensioner bearings plus having frequent engine checks can extend the timing belt maintenance interval up to 80,000 Km.


The main components of BONUM timing belts are Synthetic rubber (used for making tooth and backing), Fiber-glass cord and Nylon canvas which are all imported from Japan, and manufactured in Thailand. We provides two grades of timing belt : CRR and HNBR which refer to two different kinds of synthetic rubber used in our production.

BONUM “CRR” is suitable for city cars with moderate usage of engine while BONUM “HNBR” is best fit for 4×4 and heavy-duty vehicles with “diesel” engines as it can better resist to heat, oil and chemicals.